About us

The story

of Lion Wine is a recent one: we started in 2017 with an idea of new wine distribution with transparent margins and attractive wine pricing for our clients. In September of 2018 we were already shipping first orders to our customers. In 2023 we are a dynamic team of professionals that work with more than 350 wines from producers all over the world. We are proud to partner with restaurants, wine bars and retailers all around Russia, major and smaller cities, from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

The approach

is different from many others. There is a lot of good wine out there, but truly interesting concepts are few. We reviewed the common approach to wine import in Russia to offer our partners a completely new pricing policy — transparent and comprehensible. Both wine producers and our clients are aware of our margins and know exactly how much we earn. No more bloated price lists allowing 50-60% discounts. It is time for the wine business to become a fair business be it wine producers, restaurant guests or retail clients.

We cannot boast a huge company office, sophisticated marketing and hundreds of employees, we do have enthusiasm, a constantly growing portfolio and great pricing structure and offer.

Distribution Channels


Sommeliers are main connections to wines for Russian restaurant goers. We consider HoReCa segment the most important channel for our wines and our strategic vision and today we work with more than 1000 restaurants and wine bars across Russia. We hold sommelier tastings, both live and online, participate in walk-around tastings to introduce our producers, organise social media events and live streams with sommelier schools.

Wine Boutiques & Shops

We work with many specialized retail stores across Russia: wine shops and boutiques across the country.

Private Clients

Direct sales are an important and growing segment for our company bringing immediate feedback and satisfaction. This channel has been growing steadily over the last years and is always fascinating to work with.

Some Of Our Producers

All Our Producers

Our producers are spread across all the continents and represent quality and dedication to vinegrowing and winemaking. See the full list for more details.

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